Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tool 9`

  • It is important to tie the technology to the objective because we are using it as a tool to teach and enhance students’ knowledge.  At the same time students are engaged and learning in a different but fun way.
  • We should hold students accountable as part of the rigor and relevance in our centers. It helps them realize that what they are doing is important and we are reinforcing concepts previously taught.
  • I liked Learning Games for kids because is very friendly for kindergarten and has a variety of interactive games in all subject areas. Thinkfinity also has a lot of educational games for all different grade levels and multiple subject areas; it also has nice pictures with describing words that can help my kids to build vocabulary in English. I'll use the interactive webs for students to practice their learning in their Language Arts, Math and Bilingual workstations. In order to hold the students accountable, I would have students work in pairs and check each other's work. Also students can write in their journals about what they accomplished or what sites they visited.  
  •  Some of the apps I would like to use are SHAPES, 1-2-3 counting app, ABC Letter tracing and iWrite Words Lite. Shapes and 1-2-3 counting will help to reinforce shape and number recognition, counting, labeling, number sequence and describing 2D and 3D shapes. This would be part of my Math centers and when they finished the activity they would have to draw the shapes and label them in their math journals. ABC Letter Tracing will helps students develop fine motor skills and learn to form letter properly as well as letter recognition. This could be part of a writing center where after practicing in the iTouch students transfer their learning to their journals.
  • Another way to use iPods will be as a listening center. I could get videos on Science or Social Studies from Discovery Education and use them during Bilingual Centers. I could have them videotape themselves reading or creating their very own story using their imagination. It also will be meaningful to them to create their own books using pictures of things they have done in the classroom.

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  1. You will really have some great centers going with these tools. I think it works with the Zones you started last year.